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Course #: DM-UY 2133-A
Room: 811
Schedule: Mondays Wednesdays 8:30 am - 10:20 am
Email: sab18@nyu.edu

Overview: The course will be a study in advanced modeling using Maya, Photoshop and Substance Painter as the primary tools.

  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • Organic Modeling
  • Curves and NURBS
  • UVing
  • Environmental Modeling
  • Prop Modeling
  • Polygon Modeling
  • Texturing
  • Shaders
  • Lighting
  • Turntable Animation

In this studio, students will learn to produce and render high-quality 3D models  suitable for professional film, television, and video games. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of modeling, texturing, and lighting using industry-standard software. 

School Policies:  Three absences will result in a failing grade, excused or not. Lateness will not be tolerated. Two lateness will be counted as an absence.  No food or drink in the classroom.  If for any reason you are sick or no able to come to class because of an emergency please email Judith Simonsen at js6244@nyu.edu.


  1. In class projects, homework, mid term: 30%
    (this includes delivering homework to the specifications below)
  2. Attendence and participation: 30%
  3. Final Project: 40%
  • Work is due as per the syllabus. Homework is expected to be delivered to the required specifications in the Google Drive folder before class begins. Late assignments not ready for in-class critique lose all credit, yet must still be completed to pass the section. Work must be submitted for review in the faculty folder on the eve or immediately before class begins.

Homework Delivery: Homework will be delivered with the following specifications:

  1. Proper naming conventions in outliner
  2. Save ZBrush files as ztools (.ztl) and Maya files (.ma, .mb, .obj)
  3. named as follows:
    for example:
  4. Post all files in your Google Drive folder.

Accountability: All students are responsible for being prepared for each and every class. If the class notes are unclear it is up to the students to email the instructor questions in a timely manner. "I didn't understand what was due" will not be tolerated.

Academic integrity: Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, will not be tolerated.  Students found to have committed an act of academic dishonesty will fail the assignment for which an infraction is suspected and substantiated.  More serious violations will be handled through the process enumerated on NYU's website (https://www.nyu.edu/about/policies-guidelines-compliance/policies-and-guidelines/academic-integrity-for-students-at-nyu.html).  DO NOT PLAGARIZE!

Required Material:

  1. Laptop with Maya 2017/2018, Adobe Photoshop and Substance Painter installed 
  2. Wacom Tablet (Preferably an Intuos Pro)
  3. Sketchbook
  4. Pinterest Account
  5. Creativity

Required Websites and Reading: There's no real "real required" reading or websites.  The following are strongly recommended. Links are provide

  1. Autodesk Knowledge
  2. Substance Painter
  3. Lynda
  4. Pluralsight
  5. Solid Angle
  6. CG Meetup
  7. CG Forum
  8. Google
  9. Youtube
  10. AREA

Students with Disabilities: If you are student with a disability who is requesting accommodations, please contact New York University’s Moses Center for Students with disabilities at 212-998-4980 or mosescsd@nyu.edu. You must be registered with CSD to receive accommodations. Information about the Moses Center can be found at www.nyu.edu/csd. The Moses Center is located at 726 Broadway on the 2nd floor.

maxresdefault (4).jpg

4. Props

5. UV Layout

6. Texturing


7. Shading

8. Environment Modeling Part 1

9. Environment Modeling Part 2


10. Lighting


11. Presentation 


12.  Expermentation

14. Project Management


13. Rendering


15. The Final Project