Shihan Barbee was born on November 24, 1986 in Brooklyn, New York. He was exhibiting artistic abilities at 8 years old. Drawing from comics, building sculptures out of Legos and taking art classes to sharpen his craft. He would attribute this to his early exposure to visual arts. 

In 2004, Shihan attended the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, majoring in architecture. A field trip to the Paul and Lielu Hillard Museum incited an interest in Computer Animation. Shihan transferred to Brooklyn College where he would go on to major in digital arts and receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts.

In 2012, Shihan graduated from the School of Visual Arts Master of Fine Arts program. Recently, he worked as a teacher in The Animation Project (TAP), teaching 3D animation to at-risk-youth in the New York City metro area. This experience solidified his passion for character design and modeling.